Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week #41 - Custom Order Earrings - woot!

Something many folks know about me, is that I lived in the DC area for 13+ years of my life.  It was perhaps, the most amazing time in my life.  I LOVED living there.....the things to do, the incredible chances to see things that most don't get to see, the memorials and monuments, the history, the closeness of big city life and above all these things - the friendships I developed there are some the strongest and longest lasting, in my life. 

When I first moved to DC, I got involved in a small group Bible study where I met some AH-MAZ-ING women.  We did life together.  Meaning, if someone had an UP we ALL had an UP, if someone had a down.....we all had a down.  It was an incredible group of women and a few of them are still my friends.  This group truly was a portrait of #friendsAreFamilyYouChoose .  I had the honor of staying with one of them, for my latest trip to DC.  (I FINALLY got my things moved across the country! WOOHOO!)  While there, my gal pal saw these earrings and said......

"OH I love them! But they just aren't my color.  Could you make them in silver?"  OF COURSE! =) 

SO - I present to you....week #41 - in *Silver*.  They feature Swarovski crystals in lovely shades of blue and I even added in a special bead that will pick up purples, greens and yellows, too!  *so proud* I wanna make a pair for myself! LOL!

Which do YOU prefer?  Silver? Copper?  Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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