Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week #38, #39, and #40 - From Sea to Shining....Storage Unit?

What an INCREDIBLE few weeks I've had.  You probably didn't realize that I've been a bit behind on my adventure of doing the Year O Earring Project.  Well...the reason is because after *3*+ years....I've FINALLY MOVED HOME!!!  WOOHOO!  I flew to DC mid-September and had all my belongings packed into "Relo-Cubes", put on a truck and brought across the be unpacked into a new (MUCH MUCH CHEAPER) storage unit that's only about 8 miles from my house vs 1000!  WOOHOO!!
Rental car in front of my Relo-Cubes - yes I used *3*

I learned WAY too many lessons to list right now, but am just SO THANKFUL it's OVER!  And for the record - U-Pack Moving was OUTSTANDING!  Customer service was AMAZING! Pricing was better than UHaul or PODs (who don't deliver to my town of 100,000+) and cubes were bigger.  HIGHLY recommend!  3 thumbs up!

So...... here are my earrings.

Week #38:
GORGEOUS Orange Sunstone with Swarovski Crystal clusters.  These were purchased within about 30 min of my first showing. =)  I've never used Sunstone before, but I purchased it at one of the shows that came to Minneapolis.  I LOVE how it appears orange, but is REALLY a neutral, when it is close to your skin.  It also has a flash of electroplating so every once in a while, you'll get a blue to pop out or a purple flash - they're just really COOL earrings!  Janice Eileen LOVES them! =)  *I do, too*  I, also, added some Swarovskis just to add one more punch of brightness and sparkle.  Yum!

Week #39:
While I was in DC, I visited one of my favorite stores - Stars Beads.  Kay ALWAYS has great products there and this trip was no exception. =)

I saw these adorable beads while I was poking around..... aren't they cool?  Seed beaders love these little guys, and I do too, despite not being a seeder.  I just love the zig-zag design!

Week #40:
These little gems, also feature some goodness from Stars - the raspberry beads and copper bead caps.  Aren't they delicious?!?!  The color just makes me swoon. =)  On the bottom, I wanted to add a little something else....and then I realized that the NEW Swarovski Colors are OUT and I had a few!  So, I grabbed the NEW Scarabeaus Green color bicones and what do you know....they have a flash of raspberry in them!  WOOHOO!

I love these earrings - both in the style of them and the fact that the green metallic is kinda unexpected....especially the little purple pops here and there.  Hope YOU love them as much as I do! =)

Pretty proud of the fact that while I hadn't BLOGGED about my new pieces - they WERE made on time!  Thanks for playing along!

Which is YOUR favorite pair?

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  1. Glad that this phase of your moving adventures are successfully completed, Linda! I can't imagine having so much of my "stuff" in storage halfway across the country... I would have major anxiety. I'm super proud of you for keeping up with my earring challenge despite all that you've been up to!

    I think that I picked up some of the same sunstone beads at the same show... I got some aquamarines and some other stone too from the same vendor. I haven't used any yet (they have super tiny holes!) but have some set aside for a necklace project I'm figuring out. I really like your use of them here.

    I think that purple and green pair might be my favorite of the trio. Such a pop of color! One of my best friends lives super near to Star Beads... I'm looking forward to getting to visit her and check out her local bead store!