Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 3rd Annual Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Reveals!!

Welcome back!  It's that time again - my favorite time of the's almost like Christmas!  Except YOU get the gifts! =)

This year, we added 2 twists..... 1.  We added the use of Instagram.  This is important for SO many reasons....but I'll leave it at this, IMHO, Instagram is the future.  2.  We added a challenge that, if you wanted to, design a piece (or pieces) using the same beads that you SENT as well as received.  I'm excited to see who decided to add the extra challenge and how they compare to what their partner made.  (Probably one of my most favoritest things on the planet.... seeing what designers do with the same ingredients and how different they come out)

This year, my partner was the incredible - the amazing - the outstanding - Christina Marie Hickman of  I've had an awesome time getting to know her, laughing together, exploring our love of glass birds and learning new things from her.  It's been GREAT to have her! 

She blessed me with this INCREDIBLE group of goodies. Aren't they LUSCIOUS? It included Russian Amazonite, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, Humblebeads clay birds, beautiful Vintaj copper goodies, a gorgeous clasp and beautiful silk.   I LOVE this color palate and am finding that Russian Amazonite is something that I need to buy some more of. =)

SO....without further's what I made

With brave wings she flies
I started with a necklace.... and if you've followed my journey on hops, you'll know that I like to challenge myself to either try a new technique or come up with some innovation.... I've made the front part of the necklace detachable and become a bracelet, I've experimented with wire wrapping, I used Czech glass for the first time.... and this year.... I added a bird to the clasps twig toggle bar.  I wire wrapped it on there and I LOVE that the bird is sitting on the twig, but what's more awesome is that the toggle doesn't come apart easily - as is sometimes the risk with a large clasp and one that doesn't have something heavy to hold it down.  Problem solved!  Hooray! (And it looks awesome, too!)

As I played around, I also made this ADORABLE bracelet.  I used her birdie, a variety of the beads that she sent, the silk and some sweet peanut beads.  I've never used peanut beads in this way before, so I'm excited that they worked, looked awesome and that I even realized they'd be cool together. =)

And finally - I made this sweet, little earrings.  I used some Alexandrite (the color changes from light purple to light blue depending on the light), lampwork ruffles, and many of the beads that Christina sent.  I added a few Czech beads, but otherwise, mostly the goodies she sent.  I LOVE them!

ANNNNNND I did make a twist piece.  I decided that I wanted to try my hand at using the fox pendant.  I don't use orange a whole lot, but I LOVE that little pendant.  So, this piece features the SummerWindArts fox pendant, acrylic ombre orange beads, UnkamenSupplies copper twisted rings, BeadyLittleBunny clay roses and bird, Humblebeads clay squirrel and some glorious copper chain.  I've never put together this kind of piece before - one that really is thematic, in terms of being a woodland animal piece.  But it's cute, right!?  Can't wait to wear it!

SO that's what I've made.  I hope you enjoyed my pieces - I'd love to hear what you think and PLEASE check out my friends below, who worked very hard to make gorgeous pieces, as well. 



Linda Anderson - Hostess - 

Non-Seed Beaders
Linda Anderson  (You are HERE)
Christina Hickman

Catherine LaVite
Barbara Price

Kathy Lindmer
Linda Raggo

Marianne Baxter
Rachelle Walker

Gloria Allen
Ally Asato

Robin Lynne Showstack
Naomi Knafla

Maria Rosa Sharrow
Dana Phillips

Michelle McCarthy
Beth Blanc

Hope Smitherman
Kari Asbury

Shai Williams
Betony Maiden

Inge van Roos
Kelly Hosford Patterson

Kristina Peck
Lori Schneider

Rosantia Petkova
Erika Price 

Claire Fabian
Rachel Mallis

Deb Fortin
Nicole Rennell

Joanne Bell
Johana Nunez

Sam Waghorn
Natalie Davidson

Robin Reed
Faye Wolfenden

Karin King

Seed Beaders
Rebecca White
Palak Udeshi

Penny Houghton
Krafty Max

Heather Canepa
Ginger Bishop

Katy Heider
Renetha Stanziano

Becky Pancake
Tina Pawass

Mowse Doyle
Tami Norris

Minnette Miller
Veralynne Malone

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