Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The last few days have been some tough ones.  I've been weepy, more nauseated than usual, and generally down.  Today, we learned that my father has a somewhat aggressive auto-immune disorder, that if not treated quickly, can result in blindness. 

There was a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard....a place I nearly took a job.  Thankfully, none of my 'people' were injured or killed.  Praising God for that.

Today, is the 16 year anniversary of my mother's death.  She had cancer - unknown origin - with it spreading to her liver and lungs.  Approx 11:15 a.m. she passed peacefully, in to the arms of Jesus and the Angels who were there to bring her home.  I felt the presence of the angels.  I felt the warmth of their presence in the room and specifically over her.  Something I'd never experienced before or since - thankfully. 

It's been an emotionally draining time....glad I finally figured out what was happening in my spirit.  I love her so much and wish she were here - so so so so so much.

See you soon, Mommy!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Do you know what I did yesterday?  Don't do ya....

I went to a bead show from one of the large chain retailers and spent a boat load of money.  I bought this and thats, bits and bobs, and thing-a-ma-jigs....and crystal.  Vintage Rose, Rose Peach, Sand Opal, Light Rose Satin and Griege....

When I got home, I started doing my 'inventory' - putting things in their new homes with new prices, so I know what to charge when I use them and all went well until......SWAROVSKI.

I held that little bag in my hand, peered through the plastic and marveled at their beauty.  I oo'd and ahh'd to myself and dreamed of making beautiful pieces with my new colors of.....SWAROVSKI.

I, finally took my little bag, worked up the courage and opened the bag.  I reveled in the twinkles and shimmers.  I took the sticker off the bag and found the new little home for these little gems.....SWAROVSKI.

I poured them in, so carefully, watching them flow out of the bag like a brand new bag of cereal.  It sounded like little puffs of rice hitting my bowl.  And then I sat......and stared......and moved the little container around for all them to sparkle and I sat and sat and STARED at my new......SWAROVSKI (for 30+ minutes).

So, while I may be tired and may be weary, I'd do it all again for another bag of my favorite.....SWAROVSKI!

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Love their AWESOME crystal, too?  Show them some love on their facebook page!  And NO I was not paid for this opinion, given any crystal or offered any (although I'd never turn it down ;) ) by Swarovski or any of their affiliates/subsidiaries.