Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 Swap N Hop!

Well, another April - and another Swap N Hop!
First - a HUGE shoutout to my girl, Kari Asbury for her help, this year.  Y'all should really be sure to thank her, as well. =)

Now....for my partner!
This year, I had Inge Van Roos and I was one SPOILED girl!  Holy CANOLI!  Inge makes her own lampwork beads and absolutely OVERWHELMED me with not 1....not 2...but 3! different color schemes.  Blue/greens (YES! She made that bead with the goldfish!!!), rainbow beads and my FAVORITE the pink/purple family.  Y'all - I could HARDLY choose which palate to go with!  I've got some big plans for the rainbows.... but for Hop purposes - I wanted to go with pinks/purples.

Click to enlarge and see the details in all these beads! Dang girl!!

If you've followed my challenge adventures, you know that I LOVE to give myself an extra challenge within a challenge.  This year, I decided that I wanted to make a piece that could be worn at least 2 different ways.

In addition, I've noticed a real trend in jewelry with using curves.... be it a false collar with chain or using seed beads to create swags... I REALLY wanted to incorporate this somehow into my own piece. we are!

Y'all - I picked through all the beads that she sent and pulled all the ones that I LOVED out *y'all LOOK at the details on these beads!* and put them on the strand with the wavy tubes.  It was tres-importante to keep the lampwork beads the focus.  The chain was there to enhance the lampworks.

As for the challenge within a challenge - I made this piece such that I can wear it short OR I can wear it long.  By using the round links, as connectors, it makes sense to see them in the long version.  I can wear whichever strand I'd like in the front.  I kinda love it!  Ok - I REALLY love it!

Click to enlarge and see these CRAZY COOL beads!
Another cool shot

AND.... I also put together another set with her pinks and purples.  This one is pretty and classic.  I used Swarovski pearls and added in a GORG pendant.  *** The story of the pendant is that I created it at the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar, during "Coffee with Candie".  We had the chance to play with the new pearl Vintaj patina paints. EEK! I REALLY loved how this pendant came out.  A few weeks later, I ordered the paints for myself and used them to paint the dangles on the earrings that you see, as well.  

THANK YOU, Inge!  I can't WAIT to see what you've made!

Tell me what YOU think....

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