Friday, January 27, 2017

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Intro #3!

Well friends - here we are again - time for another intro for another partner for the Swap N Hop. It's like the 1st day of school for me - filled with so much excitement, wonder as to what I'll send and receive, what we'll end up making....just an EXCITING time of the year for me.

This year, we've opened things up to Instagram. You can see my feed here:

I find myself posting my newest pieces on Instagram, as I'm working to build my following there and hopefully open up some new business opportunities.

Speaking of business, I'm also working on rebranding myself, this year. I'll continue with CherryOnTopDesign, but I want to get more serious about my business paying for itself, and perhaps getting ME, to some incredible goals. I took a Jewelry Brand Bootcamp, which was a VERY eye opening experience and one I'm GLAD I did. It's helped me to focus a bit, and see where my weaknesses are, in terms of my business and how I'm marketing (or not). =)

1. Why or how did you get started in making jewelry?

I got into jewelry by way of a craft show.  I purchased a beautiful necklace for a family member for $38.  The next week, I saw the same vendor at another show and mentioned that I had purchased a similar piece the week before.  Her response was that they "got some more in".  I thought "I thought you made it"?  A few days later, while at a big box store, I see the same pendant for $4.99.

I went home and found a "how to make jewelry class" that night.  As they say...the rest is history =)  ------> that's my first piece ever


2. What style(s) of jewelry do you like to make?
My new cocktail line is "Bold, Bright, Classic Jewelry for Original, One-of-a-Kind Women".  =)  I like to make jewelry that can  dress up any outfit (I like to say from ho-hum to SHA-ZAM!).  It's also really important to me that pieces are versatile, so that you can wear it with many outfits vs just 1 piece in your wardrobe.

3. What materials do you prefer to use (and which ones do you avoid)? 
Typically, I'll use anything from handcrafted lampwork beads, to Swarovski pearls and crystal, to bits and bobs of fabric, to beads purchased at big box stores, beads from tradeshows and anything else I find interesting.  I like things that are unique - be it in color, style, size, shape, sparkle...something interesting.  AND I'm kinda obsessed with handmade beads, right now.

Generally, I avoid seed beads, earthy/rustic colors and anything that generally just doesn't appeal to me (seriously, no aventurine).

4. Which techniques do you prefer (and are there any that you don't like)?
I like to make many styles of jewelry.  I consider myself a stringer, first and foremost.  I've done pearl knotting, kumihimo, wire crochet, play with resin, some painting and some basic wire work.  

I don't do bead weaving of any sort or anything involving heat.  So, no soldering, lampworking or anything like that....I sure love the pieces - just don't make them.


5. What colors do you use most, and which do you run screaming from?

love working with color.  When making a piece versatile, having more colors involved tends to make something easier to wear with many things.  I typically lean to silvers and coppers for metals.  I'd also say that anything with rainbow colors is VERY difficult for me to pass up. ;)  

I've realized that making pieces with 1 color are REALLY tough for me.  Someone suggested I make a black necklace.  I didn't (and still don't know) where to start.  I want to add color! Can't win 'em, all right?

Some other random trivia: 
- I'm a Christian and hope that my light shines bright  each day
-  I'm a night owl - that's when I feel the most creative
-  I've got my first tutorial coming out in Beadwork magazine, this summer!  My 4th publishing....eek!
 - I love cherries -  not the flavor - but the shape.  (my biz name is cherryontopdesign) =)
- My favorite shirts are either a deep royal blue or a teal green
- I prefer white chocolate over milk and DEF over dark
- I now have a "dream client" LOL!
- I love to cook and bake - I don't like to clean up the mess ;)
- I'm a pretty decent photographer
- I love PJs and fun socks - I wear them most of the day....every day.
- I've had major health issues for nearly 14 years
- I'm often the 1%...99% of people have no issues.... I'm the 1% who does =)
- I love to laugh.....alot.
- I LOVE board games
- I love to plan an awesome party!

Last year's Q & A's


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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome 2017? WHOA!

Well friends, it's about that time of the year where I FINALLY get to show you what I've made for Christmas gifts.  Obviously, I can't post prior to here we are. =)

This year was an interesting year for me, in terms of gifts.  It seems like the folks I buy for - all magically had something come up in a beading group somewhere - that reminded me of them.

So, the first purchase was a BEAUTIFUL glass and metal cross, focal bead.  I purchased it from Jennifer Jennings - so does this awesome beads.  She also adds a footprint on the back of the bead - making it seem like the poem, footprints in the sand.  Just a REALLY cool concept and CLEARLY her trademark.  I bought it for my cousin, who was laid off earlier last year.  It was a *complete* shock.  She had no clue it was coming *as usual I guess* and was just stunned.  So, I bought the bead to remind her that even in the storms - God is still there - holding her up and standing strong.  I put the bead on some leather I won from Leather Cord USA and happened to have another spacer bead that matched perfectly to her focal. 

Can't wait for y'all to see the bracelet I made for her mom!  OOoooOO!

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