Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspire me....

Man - the last few days have been....blah.  I dunno why.  I think I'm still a little tee-d off about the no-show.  Normally, I hang out during the day and before bed, I stop in my beading room and make something sweet.  That's kinda the way it's been for the last few months.

This last week or so...not so much.  Perhaps it's still this infection bit (Sinus and ear infection) or maybe just the winter blues.  I've been feeling kinda sad lately, mostly, missing the things I don't have and wish I did.  Most notably - friends and community.   I'm finding that after nearly 6 months of living in MN, the relationship part of life is still the, by far, the toughest part.  I don't feel like I have solid friendships, outside of a few family members who can't be my entire support network.  Family is a treasure and really, one of the largest reasons I moved home, but they can't be *everything*.

I'm missing having girlfriends to call and go out to dinner with or just come over and be silly with.  It's a piece of me that is really missing and I'm kinda out of ideas as to where to look.  I'm in a small group through a local church, however I find that the group is pretty surface-y.  There isn't a lot of deep, honest conversation.  I haven't found it a place that I can really kinda lay it on the line, if that makes sense.  More importantly, it doesn't really feel like a place where people WANT to go deeper.

Wait - how did a blog about beading turn into this?  Anyway - I'm hoping to get out my amethyst for Feb and make some really cute pieces!  I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, have some ideas of where to meet some great folks?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Btw - I don't do bars or places like that....I'm a good girl =)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hrmph. No Show

So, one thing I've struggled with is how to deal with appointments who set an appointment, then cancel.  Yep the MOB did it.  We were to meet at 5, she called at 3 to say it wasn't going to work and could we reschedule for the end of February.... I said yes and hung up the phone.  So, here I am with 4 necklaces and options, ready to go and no where to take them.  Anyone need some bridal jewelry? =)

Truth of the matter.... if she wants me to go forward, I will be asking for a deposit.  I don't think that's wrong - you pay a deposit on a dress - you pay a deposit on flowers - why should I be any different?  I shouldn't.  It's hard to say that, though.  My time and the money I invested in this little adventure DO matter.  I can't do this all the time....ordering crystals, stones, pearls, not knowing the colors or any other details really.... so why not?  Because it's hard to say to someone that YOU value your time.  I'd think this is a struggle for most early business owners.  I'd love to hear any recommendations y'all have for how to deal with this in the future.

For now - I wore one of the necklaces to the doctor and WalMart.  It was hot.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brides! Bridesmaids! and Maids of Honor! Oh my!

SO.... I'm excited to share with y'all that I will have my first official wedding consultation tomorrow!  I met the Mother of the Bride (MOB) at a show a few weeks ago, who fell in LOVE with a piece but wanted it in a different color.

She was *so cute* to watch with this necklace.... she came over, talked to me about it and tried it on.  She noted the clasp (one of my favorite things about making jewelry), the little details and called her daughter (Bride) to get over and see it.  Daughter couldn't come, so a photo was sent... next thing I know...I'm showing MOB some pearls I have in the color they wanted and how I could change this and that to make it work for them.  As the day went on...I spy MOB coming back to the booth to look at it again....and with a friend....and Mother of the Groom (MOG)....reaching AROUND other customers to take it off the bust and show this one and that.... I felt like a rockstar!

Tomorrow - show time!  I've worked on a necklace redux with the correct colors and a little kick.  I've also made 1 other option and hope to do another.  I don't want to overwhelm them with choices, but DO want to offer something different since I've never seen the dress, the bride, the colors, or really *any other details*.  Do you know how HARD that is?!  Tonight, I came to the realization that the MOB fell in love with a piece that I made because I needed something new, not because I was trying to impress someone or find a Bride and that's the approach I needed to take with the other keep your eyes peeled for the new version!

Here's something similar to the piece MOB fell in love with (the REAL one I need to pillage from) =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Numero Uno!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! 

My name is Linda and I've decided that NOW is the time to start a blog.  Why?  Because it's time! =)

A little about me:
- I love God
- I have my own company called Cherry On Top Design. Co
- I'm a jewelry designer
- I live in Minnesota
- I love pearls, mookaite and anything unique
- I'm in my mid-30s
- I have a chronic illness called gastroparesis
- I LOVE photography (although my camera is buried in my storage unit thanks to my awesomely bad movers)
- I have some great friends, although I'm still working on making friends here in Minnesota
- I have one of the coolest dad's in the world!

My hope for this blog is that I'll be able to teach you something new, offer some tips and tricks when it comes to jewelry, and have a place to showcase my new pieces.  Tell your friends!