Friday, January 17, 2014

Something new!

Another installment of "Whys It So Expensive".....

Something I'm quite excited to share is that I'm working on playing with some new types of beads (to me).  I've embarked on an adventure to use more hand crafted beads.  I've found some AMAZING artists and I can't wait to share these new pieces!  So, this brings me to my next reason why hand crafted jewelry often has higher prices.

See, when a designer purchases a bunch of beads they can buy from a whole smorgasbord of different places.  There are bead warehouses, local bead stores, big box craft stores, craigslist, ebay, independent websites, other designers, shows, garage get the idea.  Just as with most things - prices vary and are all over the map.  Which can make it difficult to figure out an average price of the mass produced beads.

Hand crafted beads are a whole different story.  Rarely will you see someone who has made the exact same bead and comparing their prices to someone else is very, very tough.  But despite that - it's worth the expense to expand horizons to try something new.  It's been so very exciting to see other people's vision come through their work.  The only bummer is that these types of beads can be quite expensive.    So choosing those beads, wisely, is important.  Even more important to to understand that these beads are handcrafted and one of a kind.... just as I make my pieces one of a kind - so do bead artists.

Generally, I like to keep the prices of my pieces reasonable (under $100) but sometimes with these amazing beads it's not possible.  BUT you can also know that you're getting some AMAZING products!  Here are some examples:

$45 starting price

$75 starting price

 $54 starting price

Obviously these pieces are GORGEOUS and require some extra love and care.  But aren't they AMAZING?!!?!?!? =)