Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Uhhh- WHOA! That's HUGE!

SO..here I am again with some very EXCITING NEWS!

Our local newspaper came out in July to interview me about my jewelry and my story.  After the pieces were published in BeadStyle, I sent an email to our local press and they were interested in the story.  SO...August 25 my piece was published!  Check it out!  They did SUCH a great job and I'm SO proud to be able to share my story with thousands of people!

Here's the official link:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hrmm..it's amazing how our lives can quickly go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and not even know how you got there.  The last several weeks have been SUCH a roller coaster for me.  I've had my first pieces of jewelry published, I was interviewed by our local newspaper, I boarded a plane to DC, couldn't fix my cars a/c, couldn't get access to cash, had a pretty rough meeting and left feeling defeated.  I know it will get better...but tonight...I just want to cry.  I think that's allowed.

It's that feeling of not being able to 'catch a break'.  I'm tired of being bullied by people who think that it's a-ok to bully others.  I'm tired of grown adults - bold face lying.  I'm tired of poor choices and just not know what to do between the worse or worser choice.  Most important I'm tired of not being able to deal with basic things in life.  I feel so lost and alone.

It's been 1 year since moving back to Minnesota.  I have exactly 1 more friend than I did before I moved.  When will things finally look up?  All my things are STILL sitting in storage, in VIRGINIA....1000+ miles away.  I desperately want to get my things home - how do you raise money when you have none?

Just.so.sad.tonight.  Will be ok - just alot on my mind and really sad.

On the other hand....this is the 2nd piece that made it in to the September issue of Bead Style