Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey Ma look! A mistake!

So the last few weeks, I've noticed this trend in my jewelry that I'm making silly 'mistakes' in many of my pieces.  Now, keep in mind...I'm not seeing these 'mistakes' until the piece has been made and usually photographed, that I see it - grrrr!  There are times that being a perfectionist blows!  HOWEVER, I've decided that there are no mistakes in HANDCRAFTED art, these imperfections show it's HANDCRAFTED!  No big box company would EVER let a piece with a 'mistake' leave the warehouse...but since I decide what goes out the door....imperfections give my piece character!

I present to you my value-enhanced, handcrafted, necklace 'WOODn't you like to own me?'

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Putting the FUN Back In My Life

Holy Crickets has it been a loooooooong winter here!  Just this week - we had another FOOT of SNOW!!  THIS is why I moved to DC!

As you can imagine, gray skies and a bunch of personal drama (You can help by clicking here) has REALLY damped my spirits.  I've been struggling with depression for most of my life and after being here just 1 winter, I know why.  It's just SO dark, gray and dreary for SO long!  I miss the sun, I miss playing in the Cherry Blossoms and I miss the freedom of SPRING!  This has also been evident in my jewelry...pretty boring or not even happening at ALL.  SO sad and making me feel even worse about things. 

A few days ago, I'd had enough.  It's time to start putting some FUN back in to my life. is the fruit of that labor. 

You WOODn't Know It's Spring....

I Went To A Craft Show and Came Home Hammered

I SAW her standing there..

 No Need To Be Crabby, Linda!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shameless Plug...Or Beg

Friends - Many of you know that due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up moving home last summer rather hastily.  I'm DESPERATE to get my things back to me...including my car, hospital style bed, camera, other jewelry supplies, clothing, shoes... everything.  If YOU feel led to Help A Sistah Out, would you?  ANY donation will help!  THANK YOU!