Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ghosts, Ravens and ZomBEEs! Oh my!

After a small hiatus, I'm back for a new challenge and a little fun!  A few weeks ago, I was sent a DARLING little bead.... a zomBEE!  Isn't that ADORABLE made by the outstanding - Laney Mead.  It's part of the Art Elements Blog Hop and I'm SO EXCITED!!  This is the first time I've played along with the Art Elements gals and it was SUCH an adventure!

I received the zomBEE a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw it I thought to myself - I know *exactly* what I'm gonna do!  Oh the plans of mice and men.  LOL!  So... being honest.... I put it off.  After all, I knew what I was doing - just had to do it.  You're laughing, aren't you? =)

Yeah - it just didn't do what I wanted it to do.  I ended up breaking a bead (I nearly cried) and that made me COMPLETELY revise what I had planned to do.  SO - the idea of making an adorable talisman with the zomBEE and some other adorable themed beads was out de door.  I struggled getting the black I have to work.... so I went for "pretty" zomBEE...if that exists. LOL!

Instead, I decided to go with a sweet little ghost (which was made by Val Moser), a "raven" (Bo Hulley) and my sweet zomBEE (Laney Mead).  I added a flower (because bee's need flowers, right?), some GORG blue czech beads, some *expensive* czech petals and a custom made silver clasp.  (I like to challenge myself to do something new to me, whenever I partake in a challenge - so the clasp was my 'new to me' challenge).  I do love this piece and I'm quite proud of it.  What do YOU think?

Yes, it's bright and cheerful.'s a little more "fancy" than usual... but I kinda love it. 

THANK YOU Laney Mead and the Art Elements team!  I had a BLAST, was stretched and ended up with a pretty great piece.  (If I do say so, myself ;) ) Check out every one's pieces, too!

Guests - Linda - Elizabeth Auld

Team - Lesley Watt - Jennifer Cameron - Diana Ptaszynski - Jenny Davis-Reazor - Susan Kennedy - Caroline Dewison - Lindsay Starr Cathy Spiey Mendola - Claire Fabian - Niky Sayers - Laney Mead

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