Monday, March 13, 2017

Partner Intro - Woot woot!

Hey Y'all - So, while it appears I've been a little slacking in my blogging, I've really been having a rough few weeks.  I'm thankful I've come through them - still have lots to deal with - but that's life, isn't it?  Stress is tough on me, I tend to kinda crash out from my feeling well, to feelin' crumby.  But, I'm surviving and for that - I'm thankful.

SO - on to the great stuff!  This year, my partner is Christina Marie Hickman of .  It's been SO INCREDIBLE to get to know her.  It's like we were old friends or something.  One of the crazier things, I realized AFTER we'd been paired and talking for a bit, was that - had my mother had HER way....I'd have been Kristina Marie...not Linda. LOL  We have had some good chats and I look forward to continuing to get to know her.  I love her sense of humor.  She's a great gal to be partnered with and I'm so thankful that I had chance to have her!

On to what we sent each other.  I started with 2 pieces for her.....1 set of lampwork beads and 1 pendant.  I had REALLY hoped to get a great package together and focus on the fox, more than the lampwork - but I just couldn't find things I really liked, to go with it.  I wanted to challenge Christina, because she said that she doesn't work with beads bigger than 10mm, so my goal was to get her some bigmamajammas, just didn't happen.  She, also, wanted to work with purples - which I was proud were part of the lampwork set.  Her talk of nature walks really inspired me to want to get her things that she might see out and about...which is where the SummerWindArts fox came from, and the birds from the lampwork set.

SO - I went with the lampwork set, as the set for the swap part.  (Yes, I have a set of lampwork stuffs I'm excited to see where I go with it, too).  So, here's what *I* sent....
Christina's photo

Now, here's what SHE sent....

Notice anything similar?  Birds?  Color palate?  LOL!  She sent swap things and stash goodies, too!  I was SPOILED!  She found out I love mookaite and happened to have some that she wasn't going to use - so she sent it to me!  I drooled all over the bags and had to use a wet wipe to clean 'em up.  Also, pearls, sparklies, spacers...all kinds of goodies.  My SWAP goodies included czech glass, humblebeads birds, hand dyed silk, russian amazonite, Swarovski and a whole bunch of other yummies!  I'm SO EXCITED!

Check back April 8 to see what we both made!

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