Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ever have one of those times when...

you feel like you have SOMETHING to say - but no idea WHAT?!  That's kinda been  me this last week.  I feel like there are things that need to come out, but for some reason are stuck in my "what the freak is THAT" folder of my brain. 

This has been a tough season for me.  I feel like every show I've gone to this year, has been a complete and utter flop.  This last show was a 2 day show - Sat 9-4 and Sun 10-2 - my first sale came at 3:45 on Saturday.  Sunday, I sold 2 pairs of earrings.  I've NEVER been so discouraged with my jewelry.  The show before that - was the same way. (Granted, it was an outdoor-ish show and it rained, so MANY of the people stayed away)

It's clear I have talent - if I didn't....I wouldn't have had 3 pieces published and be on the design team for a bead company.  So, what's the problem?  My stuff is unique.... all the other vendors tell me so (good or bad, who knows).... it's fairly priced....and yet nothing is selling.  I.just.don'  It really hurts my heart.  Every piece I make, is a piece of me..... so what is missing?

Just a tough time in Linda land =(

Monday, September 1, 2014

Leaf it to me to screw up

Several months ago, a sweet friend, Moriah from BluMudd put the call out for some folks to use some of her BEAUTIFUL pieces, create something, send 1 photo to her by Sept 1 and she'll put those pieces up for a public vote and the winner receives at $50 gift card to her store.  Who am I to not participate in something so fun and challenging?  SO, I jumped in.  Little did I know what kinda challenge this would be.  Oh MY!  This is the color combo I received.  Gorgeous, right?

I struggled.  I struggled and did I mention that I struggled?  I just was so..... overwhelmed.  Anything I put with the leaf just  I tried this shape, that shape, this color, that color, this texture or that texture....just nothing I used looked....good.

I started to be resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to LOVE my piece and decided I just needed to do *something*.  I started with some seed beads, some copper, attached this and that.... and finally it hit me!  A CUFF!  I could make a CUFF!  Wait....I don't have any skinny gold wire.  CURSES!

Digging ensued....I looked here there and everywhere when I realized that I DO have some skinny wire..... A few months ago, I joined one of those monthly box services where you pay an amount and they send you something special....there are boxes of makeup, skin products, baby products, and CRAFTS!  I had signed up for the crafts one and they sent me a project which I didn't really like, BUT the pieces that they sent included a GOLD CUFF and GOLD WIRE!  WOOHOOOO!

I put the leaf in the center of the cuff and attached it with some fine gold wire.  I added some adorable miyuki seed beads for some texture and to bring a little pop to the rest of the piece.  

So, here we have it..... Branch Berries


After a few more iterations, I added some green mesh while I didn't submit it for my final design, I REALLY like the pop that the green adds.  I could have re-submitted but felt like I'd already sent my image, so it was too late.  Let me know which you prefer?