Monday, September 1, 2014

Leaf it to me to screw up

Several months ago, a sweet friend, Moriah from BluMudd put the call out for some folks to use some of her BEAUTIFUL pieces, create something, send 1 photo to her by Sept 1 and she'll put those pieces up for a public vote and the winner receives at $50 gift card to her store.  Who am I to not participate in something so fun and challenging?  SO, I jumped in.  Little did I know what kinda challenge this would be.  Oh MY!  This is the color combo I received.  Gorgeous, right?

I struggled.  I struggled and did I mention that I struggled?  I just was so..... overwhelmed.  Anything I put with the leaf just  I tried this shape, that shape, this color, that color, this texture or that texture....just nothing I used looked....good.

I started to be resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to LOVE my piece and decided I just needed to do *something*.  I started with some seed beads, some copper, attached this and that.... and finally it hit me!  A CUFF!  I could make a CUFF!  Wait....I don't have any skinny gold wire.  CURSES!

Digging ensued....I looked here there and everywhere when I realized that I DO have some skinny wire..... A few months ago, I joined one of those monthly box services where you pay an amount and they send you something special....there are boxes of makeup, skin products, baby products, and CRAFTS!  I had signed up for the crafts one and they sent me a project which I didn't really like, BUT the pieces that they sent included a GOLD CUFF and GOLD WIRE!  WOOHOOOO!

I put the leaf in the center of the cuff and attached it with some fine gold wire.  I added some adorable miyuki seed beads for some texture and to bring a little pop to the rest of the piece.  

So, here we have it..... Branch Berries


After a few more iterations, I added some green mesh while I didn't submit it for my final design, I REALLY like the pop that the green adds.  I could have re-submitted but felt like I'd already sent my image, so it was too late.  Let me know which you prefer?


  1. Both are lovely, but I like the green background better. Nice!

  2. I like the gold on gold one best

  3. I like the one your submitted better, but wow that green changes the entire coloring of the leaf. Thanks for sharing your adventures :)

  4. I could have never imagined that you struggled just by looking at the pic on the facebook page. I saw it yesterday and kept thinking how pretty and gorgeous it was. I am a big green fan but I like the gold version better here

  5. That leaf bracelet cuff is awesome. I have NO talent with cuffs. At all!