Saturday, April 20, 2013

Putting the FUN Back In My Life

Holy Crickets has it been a loooooooong winter here!  Just this week - we had another FOOT of SNOW!!  THIS is why I moved to DC!

As you can imagine, gray skies and a bunch of personal drama (You can help by clicking here) has REALLY damped my spirits.  I've been struggling with depression for most of my life and after being here just 1 winter, I know why.  It's just SO dark, gray and dreary for SO long!  I miss the sun, I miss playing in the Cherry Blossoms and I miss the freedom of SPRING!  This has also been evident in my jewelry...pretty boring or not even happening at ALL.  SO sad and making me feel even worse about things. 

A few days ago, I'd had enough.  It's time to start putting some FUN back in to my life. is the fruit of that labor. 

You WOODn't Know It's Spring....

I Went To A Craft Show and Came Home Hammered

I SAW her standing there..

 No Need To Be Crabby, Linda!

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