Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week #42 - More Scarabaeus Green - OOooOoo

Umm...what'd you say?  Scar-a who?  And what's that got to do with earrings?  Glad you asked. =)

Swarovski has released their latest line of products, and included is a new color called Scarabaeus [skar-uh-bee-uh s] green.  It's an INCREDIBLE new color that's been inspired by.......


you guessed it.....the scarabaeus beetle.  Isn't it interesting?  God's creation just makes me swoon - it's so incredible!

The color is amazing and has green, blue, and purple..... and really you could use it with most anything.  I've been having fun with it - I used it 2 weeks ago for the purple and copper earrings (you can see here: ) and this week, I've used them with some teal pearls and silver bead caps.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the versatility of these beads.  (I've made other things too, which you'll see soon)

I have a feeling that this color is gonna show up in a looooooot of my pieces.  We'll see though!  I can't wait to keep playing with it! 

What do you think?   Hot or not so much?

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