Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week #4 - Something New, Something Borrowed (ok given), Something Blue - No old

Week 4 - TA-DA!

Last week, I was so excited to open a package from a FANTASTIC artist, Kari Asbury of Asbury Avenue Designs.  Her talent, just makes my heart sing.  She was so SWEET to have also included this GORGEOUS silk, taffeta fabric with my order.  (Holy surprise, Batman!)

So, this week, I wanted to try incorporating her fabric into my earrings. 

Fabric in Earrings - Something new
Giving by a friend (not really to give back, but work with me here) - Borrowed
And LOOK at that COLOR! - Something blue
I wrapped the taffeta with silver wire and added some  crystals to give a little shimmer.  In addition, I wanted something in the middle.....it really needed SOMETHING.  So, I went to my box of Swarovski pendants and found 2 options...starfish or the triangle.  Which do YOU prefer? 

Starfish or triangle?


  1. I like the star better, but the triangle would look better if it were lower in the circle. Lovely!

  2. I think I like the start slightly better but, in all honesty, I like them mismatched! :) Thanks again for playing along! If you want, you can grab the link up code to add to your post.

  3. These colors are beautiful. I like the star best too, but as Sarajo said the mismatched set is really fun.

  4. I personally like the mismatch...I tend to be very fond of mismatch, asymmetrical, slightly off and the like. ;) Kudos to another week of gorgeous earrings!

  5. Theses are lots of fun! Love the color and glitz.