Monday, June 3, 2013

So when you say 24 really mean 2.4 days?

Alright - rant alert...

There is a company, who shall remain nameless, that I have purchased beads and supplies from in the past.  On every page of their website, there is a beautiful banner at the top of the page which states that they offer "Fast Shipping - Orders Shipped within 24 hours!".  Now, to most people, that would mean, that within 24 hours of ME placing an order YOU will have it picked, packaged and in the mail to me...right?  Well, for the 3rd time, in a row, this company has not followed through on their 'promise'. 

So, the 2nd time it happened, I wrote them an email asking what took so long.  They informed me that since I placed my order during a sale, that it took longer for them to process it - now keep in mind - I also placed an order from another website supplier who DOESN'T make this claim, yet THEIR package arrived before the one I placed with the alleged 24 hour shipper - but is it MY fault that THEY offered a sale and didn't send the supplies within their own promise?  That's a no.  Well, apparently, I offered an olive branch too soon because once again I ordered from this company....and yet again....3.5 days to process my meager order and send it.  I placed said order last Monday 5/24 - it shipped on 5/27 - I have yet to see the order.  *sigh*

And yes -I ordered something else from ebay on arrived today.

Stepping off my rant pedestal.

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