Wednesday, March 23, 2016

She got HERS

Well, well, well.... here it is, March 23 and my partner received her beads yesterday.  I'm kinda jealous. =)  As a reminder, my partner is Natalie Davidson - who lives in the BEAUTIFUL country of New Zealand.  She lives on the northern island and has a little shop where she sells crafts and goodies that she makes.

I will be honest here....for some reason,  this was a tough season for me.  I had a really hard time finding something that would challenge Natalie, but not overwhelm her.  Even more importantly, I just felt like I was "off track".  I think it's just been my general feeling for the last few months - just kinda BLAH.  BUT I'm really proud of how it came together and am SO GLAD that she loves each item I carefully and thoughtfully included. 

So..... here's what I sent.  If you'll remember - this was the teaser......'s what she received.....

For the Swap N Hop!

Focal: STUNNING handmade, lampwork focal by The BeadFairy

Clasp: GORGEOUS flower, handmade by ArtIncendi

Metals: Copper filigrees, copper flowers, bright copper daisies and dark copper daisies, headpins, eye pins, jump rings and ear wires  -
So you're probably wondering why all the bits and bobs in copper...well.... in New Zealand it's pretty tough to get copper findings, so I figured I'd send them to her so she didn't have to worry about trying to find them, or order them.

Coordinating Beads: Czech firepolish beads in a "Luster Mix" both in transparent and opaque, purple druzy agate, Czech pressed beads including, but not limited to flowers, leaves, bicones, table cuts and saturn beads.

In addition to some goodies for the Swap, I also sent some goodies for her stash.

For Her Stash

Knowing her love for the beach, I wanted to include some beach themed pieces - they include: Swarovski bicones, starfish and mini rounds; blue/grey blister pearls, Czech saturn beads, hand painted (by me!) cabachons, kyanite coin beads, some seahorse beads (which didn't make the photo shoot) and my FAVORITE beads acrylic/rubbery beads - they feel as smooth as a babies butt.  Just AWESOME!  I also sent some extra clasps and odds and ends - and some purple hemp.

All together now!

Whatchya think?  I'm (im)patiently waiting for mine to arrive, although I suspect it'll be at least another week.  So, until then....I'll keep working on my organization (see post below) and twiddling my thumbs.

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  1. Beautiful bead soup so many colors, so many alternatives. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful bead soup so many colors, so many alternatives. Thanks for sharing.