Saturday, August 8, 2015

JSBArts Beach Blog Hop

Hello Dear Friends - Please excuse my tardy entry.  You don't wanna know and frankly - who needs excuses? Right?

So, a few weeks ago, I received some hand crafted, one of a kind beads from Shawna Barnes of JSB Arts. Her theme was Summer Lovin'!

 TOTALLY exciting!  I love EVERY.THING. beach so I was ALL OVER this! =)

I will say - I was VERY challenged with this round.  For a couple of reasons - personal reasons, as you see above and I really had no.idea. what to do with the beads I was sent.  They were in colors I wasn't expecting, so it really took me a while to kinda think through how *I* could make them shine.

What I received - sweet beads and some silk

After thinking long and hard.... I decided to go with some gorgeous beach colored glass beads I had.  I loved that they helped bring the neutral color of the designer beads, up to a beachy look.  I, also, found some GORGEOUS Amazonite that tied all the colors together.

Now, to figure out how to put it together.... I could just string it - but why?  Does jewelry cable really help the design?  Not really.  So, I went through my drawer of goodness and found some beautiful green/tealy waxed linen cording that was PERFECTION!  I have never used it, so in keeping with another challenge I've issued myself, to continue learning and trying new products during challenges, I dug in.  =)

It took me 3 tries to FINALLY get it to where I liked it, the knots worked well together, even spacing etc.... but I fell in love with it.  Pretty proud, indeed!

My piece - ceramic beads, glass beads, Amazonite, bead caps and a gorgeous anchor charm

Details of handmade beads and cute linen in between

If I were to do it again, I'd have made the knots a bit bigger, but otherwise - very proud of this bracelet and am VERY excited to wear it!

Thank you, Shawna for putting this together!. Check out some of my friends work here:

To see more of Shawna's components available for purchase, please see her Artisan Component Marketplace store.

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  1. Love it Linda! Thank you soo much for participating! Looking forward to hearing about what you thought of the beads, and if you have any critiques for me moving forward. <3