Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week #26 - HALF WAY THERE!! An ode to the lagoon

 WOOHOOO!  We're half way there!  26 pairs of earrings MADE and 26 left to go!  I CAN do this! =)

This week's installment comes from being inspired by blues of the carribean waters.  My trip has really been at the front of my mind this last week and so I thought I'd see what I had to play with in the blue family.  This photo was taken on our trip to Bioluminescence Lagoon - the only one in the world.  When the water is moved, these special little plankton turn blue.  Isn't that AMAZING!?!  The photo was taken by the captain of the boat we took (if you go - TAKE A BOAT NOT
 a kayak!) is a Nikon trained pro photographer.....he took my camera and took this shot, while I played. =)  BUT it shows the GORGEOUSNESS of the sky and the water.  And that light - is light pollution from San Juan - which is nearly an hour away!

I pulled out some of my FAVORITE (so far) wood components and paired them with some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE czech beads - satin blue rounds.  The gorgeousness of these beads can HARDLY be captured by photo.  But I tried. =)

So, here's this week's installment....ode to the lagoon

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  1. Ooooooh. Love the colors in these

  2. These are really fun... and great colors! Thanks for playing along with me!

  3. I too love the colors, these are very striking, and I love your inspiration!