Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week #9 - Tutti Fruitti!

Seed bead example - itty bitties!
This week, my Swap N Hop partner, Marica, inspired my earrings.  When we first began getting to know each other, I was sure to ask about allergies or if there are things that she'd prefer not to work with.  She let me know that, indeed, she has a SEVERE allergy...to seed beads (itty-bitty little beads).
She breaks out in hives, gets out her epi....she's terribly allergic.  When she was little, she had to sit at the "no seed bead" lunch table.  It was an awful thing to have to deal with at such a young age.  Thankfully, that allergy has only made her stronger.  She avoids seed beads...and life is great. =)

SO, in her honor, I made these earrings...with SEED BEADS!  =)

I was inspired by an inspiration piece at Artbeads.com - instead of using round SEED BEADS, I used rectangles.  I, also, changed up the way that I attach them to my ear wires...but the shape idea came from Artbeads.   I really like these little guys.  They're adorable, fun and sweet as can be - much like myself. =)

AND - they're for sale!  You can find them here:


  1. LOL Yaaaaay I inspire seed bead designs! And beautiful ones too :-)

    My relationship with seed beads has made some progress this week actually. I used a total number of um 2 seed beads in a pair of earrings. Now to use the remaining thousand or two LOL


  2. Fun earrings!
    I enjoyed reading your post!

  3. Super cute design! Love how colorful they are!

  4. These are really fun!