Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop - Partner #1 - teaser

So, my partner Marica, had already sent her package....and I was waiting....waiting....waiting for one last thing to come before I could send. Well...the other day, I found both the last piece for her and her package in my mailbox! EEK! SO - here's a teaser of what went out today - on the way to Malta. (Thankful for home pickups - been a rough, rough week)

I didn't want to be influenced by what she sent, so I haven't opened her package yet.... do you know how HARD it is to have an envelope full of goodness sitting there....staring at you?

I'm hoping to get Jessica's package out in the next day or 2. Thankfully, hers doesn't have to go around the world. =)  I also realized that I need to find a flat rate box for looks like a PO trip is in my future..ugh.

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