Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week #13 - Too many to pick!

 This week, I went a little crazy with the earrings. I made so many that I can't decide which to make #13!  SO - I'll go with..... ones I made for folks with metal allergies.  

One of the things, I've learned over the years of doing shows is that there are WHOLE LOTTA FOLKS who are allergic to metal of some sort.  I started making "metal free" pieces a few years ago and found that there aren't a whole lotta options out there for folks who can't do a metal.  I did, however, find plastic posts.  Genius!  So, these little sweets have them and make them perfect for those awful allergies! 

The beads are wood, coated with resin on front and back, so the posts should not ever come off, and because they are wood - they are SUPER lightweight!  The charcoal and turquoise are PERFECT for spring!  Enjoy!


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  1. These are beautiful, Linda. I love that turquoise, and how you designed around metal allergies. Very smart!

  2. I hear you about metal allergies... but I had never heard of plastic posts. Interesting! Did you add the color to the wood beads with the resin or add resin over already colored wood? Either way, the colors are gorgeous!