Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop - Package #2 Received!

 As the leader of the group, Bead Peeps, while matching we had a "spare" I picked up a 2nd partner....and what an adventure it has been! =)

Jessica lives in Alaska and has just had her 6th child.  She's SUCH a strong woman!  I can't imagine having 6 children, let in the bush.....homeschooling AND being a wife and mom.  Whoa!

I sent her package a few weeks ago and you can see what SHE received here:

And THIS is what I received:

Some gorgeous spacers, some hearts and a beautiful "message in a bottle".

A beautiful lampwork bead, some blue quartz chips, some heart clasps and a beautiful blinged out crown.  

The deets - So, Jessica made the lampwork piece - oh so gorgeous! I LOVE pink and blue - like LOVE it!  So, that will be fun to play with.  I'm going to see how I can add the hearts in.... I haven't worked with something like that before so that will be a challenge for me. 

She also made the stunning message in a bottle, which features a verse about being healed.  I have struggled for nearly 12 years with chronic illness.  God has used that sickness to bring me to a new place in life, where I'm *artistic* and for those who know me - that's weird.  Before getting sick, I had no CLUE I had a lick of artistic ability inside me.  Isn't that incredible?  This beautiful gift that comes from the ashes of a life that *I* thought was the way life would be, from then until forevermore.  

Going to be interesting to see what comes from these pieces..... so many little time. 

Check back here on May 2 to see what I've made and check out the blogs of the other participants, too!

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