Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #12 - Long Legged Lola

This week's addition is brought to you by amoxicillin, acetaminophen and delirium. It's been an awful week..... I have a VERY severely infected tooth, which has caused pain like I've ever experienced. I was in so much pain, that I was drenched in sweat. Bad week. After the worst night, I went to a dentist who promptly informed me that it would be $3000 to get a root canal and crown. I cried. Alot. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore....then I wept. I don't have that kinda money.  

So, I'm going to see my "regular" dentist tomorrow, who will look and decide what HE thinks is the best plan. It's going to be expensive and I have no idea how I'm gonna pay for it, but the alternative is to pull the tooth, but then I'd need a bridge or an implant, neither of which is much cheaper.

I have a group on Facebook - Linda's Destash, where I am planning to start destashing jewelry parts, auction style. I hope to get the auction up by Thursday or so. So, if you'd be willing to help - please join the group....every bit will help me pay for this.  I have also set up a GoFundMe page here: if you'd rather not purchase jewelry parts but want to help. 

In other news..... I did create a pair of earrings a few weeks ago that I made as a "backup" pair and this is the week I'm calling them up from 'the minor league'. I call them "Long Legged Lola".... made with Swarovski crystals in 3 different sizes, colors and lengths. I kinda love them. =) I hope you do, too.


  1. So sorry about the tooth. I have been having toothaches lately just not bad enough to drive me to a dentist. I know I need to get a lot of work done.

  2. Dental pain is no fun! Good luck with everything. I love your "back up" pair of earrings. They look like they'd be super fun to wear... lots of color and swing!

  3. I hope your dental situation is less painful all the way around soon! These are so great - I wish my "back up" pairs looked this good! Perfect for spring.

    1. Aww - thank you, Amy! I've never made anything like these before, but thinking i maybe should. =)