Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week #11 - OooOo Sexy Lady!

This week, I decided to go the more.....sassy sexy route.  I've seen other earrings similar to this and couldn't figure out how on EARTH they connected the chain to the earring.  Well, I KNOW how they did it, but not sure which method is the best.  SO - I did it 2 ways.

 Aren't they HOT?!  Also - AWESOME for brides and bridesmaids.....don'tchya think?

The first..... featuring Powder Rose Swarovski Pearls:

The 2nd...featuring Jade Swarovski Pearls:

These earrings are also a lesson in recycling - the pink ones, I used an old necklace that had broken (thus the fear of breakage), but already had the connections attached.  I didn't have anymore appropriate size or color of those connectors, so I used the crimp cups.  =)  

The consensus was that the 1st pair were preferred over the 2nd...... I'm not sure which I like more - to be honest.  I like them both.... the 2nd set, in my mind, is more secure, but who knows.  I wore both of them to see if one might break - and thankfully - no such luck. 

Another week....another "What do YOU think?"


  1. I prefer the first also because of the color. What is strange is that I love green and don't care for pink. Lol.

  2. I like the first pair best too and feel much like Shaiha... I normally gravitate toward green. I think it might be the shine of the pink ones... the gemstone pearls from Swarovski have a flatter color I think. Thanks for playing along.

  3. I love that you recycled an old necklace for these. They are both so fun!