Saturday, March 14, 2015

1 package received - 1 to go!

USPS came through for me! WOOHOO! =) My package to Malta has been RECEIVED!  SO! Time for the big reveal! Here's what *I* sent to Marica.....


Here's what Marica sent ME.  There are more of the beads, just pulled a few for the sampling =)

And THESE little beauties!!! EEEEEKKK!

Part of her "Top Kapi" collection
You can find some like this here:


  1. Wowee! Love everything!

  2. Love love everything you sent me. Everything is just perfect and many of the beads go very well with my new ocean themed line. Squeeee!

    Can't wait to start designing with them. Thank you so much Linda! You rock :-)

    Bead Lovelies