Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lessons Learned from PYOP

The last few days have been pretty rough for me.  I've not felt well, physically, which doesn't help emotionally - not to mention nearly a week of cloudy, foggy, dreary weather.  My belly has been unhappy, my shoulders murder, and frankly haven't felt like doing much of anything, beyond trying not to wish my days away.

Today, I went out with a sweet friend - we went to breakfast and then to paint your own pottery (PYOP).  Now, I fancy myself kinda an "intermediate" type PYOP'er.  I've done my fair share and frankly - I love it.  Today, I made a large bowl and put some polka dots all over it - inside and out.  Well, in the midst of choosing colors for my dots - there was another woman also looking at colors.  She turned around to ask me my opinion and noticed my necklace.  I WAS rather surprised that she noticed my necklace because it wasn't the big, in yer face type, I usually was just a simple little pendant I made of a Christmas tree.  She GUSHED over it....
Her: "May I look closer?"
Me: "Sure!"
H:  "Where did you FIND that?"
M: "I made it"
H: "REALLY!? "
M:"Yep and I sell my jewelry as well, sometimes right off my neck - it IS for sale", I giggled.
H: "Could I get 2 of those for my daughters?  Could you make them in time for Christmas?"
M: "Absolutely!"

As she walked out, she told me that she'd be out of town for the weekend, but will call me Monday to set everything up.  Now, I dunno if she's gonna call (I sure hope she does), but it's a lesson in a few things.
1. ALWAYS wear your jewelry!!
2. Have no shame in saying that you made it
3. Have business cards with you 24/7
4. Be prepared to sell off your neck, if needed - or keep it in your purse. =)
5. TALK to people! =)

Like I said, I dunno if I'll ever hear from her again, but what a great day for me!  Spending time with my dear friend, getting OUT of the house, having FUN, and perhaps - getting an order.  #bliss

The plate I made LAST time I went to the PYOP place =)


  1. LOVE IT! I often sell jewelry right off's a great feeling! So glad your week ended on a happier note. The plate is wonderful. I hope you'll share pictures of the bowl when it's done :)

  2. What a rewarding day! I hope the woman calls you - this is not an ordinary pendant! And I love the plate!