Saturday, December 6, 2014


So, some of you may know that several months ago, one of the groups I was a part of (and was VERY dear to my heart) closed.  It was something that needed to happen - as the leader was struggling with her health and really needed a break.  When that happened, I kinda jumped  into action and started a new group for all of these magnificent folks to land. 

As the months have gone on, the group has grown TREMENDOUSLY!  We have SUCH an awesome group of jewelry people, it just blows my mind!  I was trying to come up with a way to get folks excited about the Holidays, expose them to some new artists or businesses they may not have heard of before and maybe learn something new.  So, I set out to see if some folks would be willing to donate some goodies to giveaway during, what I hoped would be 12 days of Christmas.  I felt guilty asking folks to give something, I felt guilty putting a dollar value on it and I felt even more fear that no one would want to do it and I'd look like a fool. 

Let.Me.Tell.You - Jewelry people are A-MAZ-ING!  We received over $700 in donations and have *14* days of giveaways!! Isn't that OUSTANDING?!

I have had a wonderful time seeing folks get excited and giving these goodies away.  I just want to say - THANK YOU to all of them!  You have absolutely HUMBLED me!

I also want to say - that an added bonus has been getting to know all of these new folks..... some more than others....but what AWE inspiring people -  =) 

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