Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week #35 - Burning in my brain

Ever had one of those ideas that just keeps stewing and brewing in your brain?  Just something you WANT to do, but not really sure HOW or with WHAT?  Well, that's what this week's earrings are all about..... an idea I've had for eons and FINALLY figuring out how to do them with the appropriate beads. 

I picked these gems up at an Intergem Show.  Living in MN - they only come once a year - where in DC they come every 3 months.  What a change!  =(   Anyway, I picked up these little crystal drops from one of my favorite vendors, Ina and George, and have looked at them for FAR too long.

The holes are SMALL so 20g wouldn't fit through them.   I didn't have the right color in 24 and honestly, wasn't sure they'd even be strong enough with 24g I started digging through my bag o wire.  I found this wire that was twisted....and guess what?!  It fit through the holes!  The twisted wire gives more stability than a single wire and while some didn't fit - the majority did. 

Here they are!

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  1. Way to persevere and make it work! Thanks for playing along with me!

  2. I love a long contemplated project come true! You could wear these on many occasions and never go wrong! The swirl is such a great idea!