Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"It's the Final Countdown".....

Well, this is it - the final hours of my 30s. 

The 30s were some of the best years of my life.  I remember this 10+ years ago, and was SUPER excited for the next 10 years - right now.....I'm not.  As a matter of fact, I'm kinda scared. 

My 30s were the most AWESOME years - some of the most CHALLENGING - but SO AWESOME!

Things that didn't really go as planned:
- Moving home
- Ending my career
- Still being single
- Gaining all my weight back
- Not having a family by now
- Not owning a home
- Being in a difficult financial situation
- Feeling like I'm wishing my life away
- Depression has returned
- Struggle with perfectionism has reared it's ugly head again
- Spending 45+ days in the hospital
- Replacing work meetings with doctor meetings
- Learning about the medical system in a way I never wanted to

Things that were awesome about my 30s include:
- Falling in love - although it was unrequited
- Having an INCREDIBLE group of friends, for most of those years
- Friends got married
- Tons of birthday parties
- Going to Puerto Rico!!
- Friends getting pregnant
- Having the most INCREDIBLE body of my life
- Discovering an INCREDIBLE love of jewelry
- Discovering that I'm an artist
- Learning that I'm stronger than I ever dreamed
- Understanding what it means to truly TRUST IN THE LORD with ALL your heart
- Surviving 19 months with 0 income
- Seeing God's hand working directly
- Realizing that I'm not perfect - can't be - never will be
- Seeing myself grow up
- Seeing several folks come to Christ
- Being able to support family through difficult times
- Having the honor of being in 2 weddings

Prayers for my 40s:
- To find the love of my life
- Start a family *better hurry!*
- Come to realize my dreams
- Buy a house near water
- Enjoy another 10 years with my father
- Figuring out how to make my jewelry business successful enough that I don't have to be in charge of it for the rest of my  life
- Growing in my relationship with Christ
- Establishing deep friendships
- Learning to manage my life better
- Being the best example of a Godly woman - that's possible
- Seeing amazing things happen to ME

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