Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week #30 - "Joy of" Earrings

If you've been a fan of mine for a while, you probably have read somewhere that I lived in the DC area for 13+ years and during my last 2ish years there, I started learning how to make jewelry.  There were 2 local bead stores (LBS) within 6 miles of my place and 2 big box stores with about 3 miles.  So to say I was SPOILED is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  I had no idea!

One of those LBS, The Joy of Beading, is where I really learned and took off.  The owners were VERY encouraging in my jewelry.  I really loved learning and they loved teaching. =)  They had some of the most beautiful beads, I'd ever seen!  It was always something new and interesting.  The sweet store ended up closing, not long after I moved - which devastated me.  SO!  This pair of earrings is kind of an ode to them....

The head pins were hand crafted (by me!) and the large crystals are from their store.  They are SPECTACULAR in real life - a GORGEOUS montana, disco type, rondelle.  

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