Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #20 - Curly - Girly

Week 20!!!  Holy Canoli!

This week brought me to a bead store that is closing.  I'm SO SAD!  Since I've lived in MN, at least 3 bead stores have closed, that I *know* of - that doesn't include the ones I don't know.  It's KILLING ME!  Thankfully, this one is closing for retirement, but still - it's crushing to lose ANOTHER place that I could learn and see things in person before purchasing.  SO awful. 

As part of their closing - of course they are selling things at rock bottom prices.  I picked up some new wire gauges (to me), some new hammers and a block for pounding.  I also picked up a new set of Tronex round nose pliers, so here's a little pair I made with the new pliers. 

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