Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week #16 - Here SeaHorseyHorseyHorseyHorsey.....

It's week 16!! Can you believe I've made it THIS FAR?!  I can't! =)

This week, a dear family member is celebrating a birthday and being that she's one of my best customers, I nearly always make something special for her.  This year, is no exception. =)  Lemme tell ya a bit about her:  When we were little, we never spoke.  Not because we hated each other or anything of the sort - we just didn't speak.  So, when she was in college and she called me to see if she could come spend a few days with me in Indiana, I was floored.  We had SUCH a great time!  I played some pranks (which we STILL talk about) and learned what an incredible woman she had become. 

As the years progressed, good things and tough things happened in each of our lives.  I got sick....really sick....and she has been there with me to support me through nearly all of it.  She came to spend weeks with me in DC and driving me all over creation to different doctors (and adventures), she's cried with me, laughed with me and had some tough talks with me.  We've walked through boys, doctors, friends, jobs, social security, disability and drama - she really means the world to me.  So it's fitting that the first piece I ever had published was a piece I created for HER wedding! =)

Ok, so back to task at hand....she loves sea horses.  Loves them.  She loves all things ocean, but ESPECIALLY sea you can imagine my surprise when I found these little goodies!  I, also know, that she loves unique things and styles so I really wanted to "go outta the box" with this and the idear for squares came to mind. 

*I* created the ear wires and with the Swarovskis wanted to add both the purples (also her favorite color) and some sea colors, so she could wear them with other things beyond just purple....and honestly - sea horses live in the SEA - they need sea colors. =) 

I hope she likes 'em - cuz I LOVE them! =)

Happy Birthday, K!  Love you, girlie!

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  1. I'm sure your friend was delighted in these. What a beautiful pair of earrings. I enjoyed the story, too!