Friday, February 13, 2015

I Present To You.....My Partners - Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

*ahem* Hello Friends, Family and Fellow Countrymen....I'd like to introduce you to my partners for 2015 Bead Peeps Swap N Hop.

My first partner, and the one I've talked with the most, at this time, is Marica Zammit.  Now, you may be wondering..... Linda - you had the chance to pick ANYONE since you're the leader....why choose Marica?  I mean, she's a whole world away....TOTALLY different style from yours and frankly....she's much cooler than why HER?  Well, for all the reasons that you just stated. =)  And if I'm being honest, that's why I chose Jessica Hocutt, as well.  See something that's REALLY important to me, is getting to know other artists and people outside my comfort zone.  I don't know Jessica - at all.  I know Marica a bit from her interactions within Bead Peeps, but really - that's about it.  So - why not?  


So, on the deets about Marica.  
- She lives in Malta (a small island country - with 3 islands south of Sicily)
- She grew up there but went to Australia for her masters
- Is a marketing geek and that's her day job
- Loves clay and making things with it
- Has her own line of clay products
- Says she doesn't use yellow but her clay has yellow in it - which just makes me laugh
- Has a wicked sense of humor
- We both LOVE the ocean and she is making a line of ocean themed pieces!


Let's not forget, Jessica
- She lives in ALASKA!  Yes - our 49th state!
- She moved there from Oklahoma
- Likes to work with resin and does soldering (completely jealous!)
- Is a lampworker (even more jealous)
- Is expecting another little one VERY SOON!  This will be #5?
- She likes silver
- She LOVES gold (since she's a miner!!)
- Is COMPLETELY opposite from me in SO MANY ways, but we both have our faith in common

I don't have any photos of Jessica's work yet - but I'll update when I do. =)


I'm SUPER excited about having these 2 partners!  I can't wait to get to know them more and for them to experience the fun and challenge of a bead swap!  I remember my first time kinda wandering my way through things not really knowing what to I hope that the new folks feel a bit more prepared than I did.  

More importantly though, I hope that it's an INCREDIBLE experience for all who have signed up!  I took quite a bit of care to carefully assign partners and so seems everyone is pretty excited! HOORAY!

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