Thursday, January 15, 2015

Year of Earrings - Wk 1 and 2 - #fail

OK - so I kinda committed to doing a Year of Earrings and I've already failed. Oy. But at least I KNOW I failed and am ready to share my first jewelery of 2015!

Czech beads with Seagulls by Asbury Avenue Designs - can you smell the sea air?

Druzy Agate with Amethyst rounds - Delicious! 

These friends aren't on sale yet, but I'm just proud that I've made SOMETHING in 2015!  It's been a struggle, between running a group on FB and having 2 MAJOR events since Thanksgiving, I've been overwhelmed.  I've also been sick - that Christmas Crud had taken me over - 3 rounds of antibiotics, a whole box of day-quil/ny-quil and so many other things.... just felt miserable!

If the seagull earrings are any indication of the jewelry I'll be making this year - I can't WAIT!! WOOHOO!



  2. Wonderful! they are both so pretty...sometimes a failure turns into a great success!

  3. These are unique yet very pretty

  4. You haven't failed at anything... you've made two fun pairs of earrings and shared them! Woo hoo! Of course, It's always better late than never. Thanks so much for joining me in my earring challenge. Those seagull earrings are really great. I'm beach dreaming right now, and those make me smell the sea!

  5. The sea gulls and the sea glass are so summery, would look great on a beach stroll! The druzy agate is so beautiful, there is something "deep ocean" about it - so, I guess, summertime again :)