Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 Whaddya get when you take 500 people, 1 organizer, and a whole LOTTA organization?!  BeadSoup!

I'm lucky enough to participate for the 2nd time in the wonder called BeadSoup.  1 woman offers to let 500 people sign up (in 24 hours mind you) to exchange beads with another artist, make something special with them (and some of your own) and then reveal them ALL on one day!  QUITE a task and so, VERY exciting!

What I loved about doing this challenge, is that it REALLY pushed me as an artist to make someone else's art bend into my own style.  I was pretty excited about last years piece, but this year.... HOLY CANNOLI!  Take a look at THIS soup!  (I cried it was so beautiful!)

Big thanks to Lisa from http://spudandmrsbutters.blogspot.com/

I'll leave you with an ok preview of the beads.... the great photos will come in May....until then....eat up!  Just be sure to chew your BeadSoup carefully. =)


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  1. Oh, it looks like you have lots of cool goodies to work with! What a fun soup! I look forward to seeing what you & your partner create :)