Monday, April 21, 2014

Czech glass

Continuing the series on Whys It So Expensive?!......

Glass is glass is glass....right?  Or is it?

When we buy things like glasses or windows or even mirrors, we start to learn that all glass is not created equal - and the same is true in beading.  The most popular types of glass include lampwork (see the last edition of "Whys It So Expensive"), crystal, dichroic, Venetian, vintage, cats eye, and today's topic Czech.

I've been learning all about Czech glass in the last few weeks because my Bead Soup partner is a big fan and sent nearly all this type of beads to me.  It's been a challenge and so much fun to learn about the different finishes, shapes, colors, mixes and types of beads. describes it this way:
Glass making in the Czech Republic is an age old cottage industry. These glass beads are still made in small quantities by hand. Due to the way the glass is made, there may be slight color variation from one bead batch to the next.

Now, you may wonder why this matters because when an artist decides to use this glass, it's more expensive than say something that is mass produced.  HOWEVER, this glass is simply *splendid*!   Check out some of these different types:

Click Photo to Enlarge

GORGEOUS, right?!!?  I'm having a great time using these 'new to me' beads and looking forward to using them in my jewelry.  I LOVE that they are hand made in small batches and that gives them more personality!  The price is a bit higher than a typical glass bead, made in large quantities but it is CERTAINLY worth it!

Here is an adorable pair of earrings I made with some adorable pressed flower bead caps:

Next time you're looking at hand made jewelry and they tell you it's made with Czech glass - you know that while it may be a little more expensive - it's also that much more special!

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