Saturday, February 2, 2013


So, I was at a certain fast food restaurant a few weeks ago...buying my extraordinarily healthy dinner of fries and a smoothie, when a gal behind the counter said 'Oh my gosh I love your necklace!'... of course I said 'Oh thank you.  I made it and I sell them.' - you would have thought I was giving money away!  Women came from the deepest recesses of this store to see my necklace and get my card.  One of them asked 'Oh, do you have a catalog or something?' to which I responded that no, I don't have one as I'm the only designer and make it all myself.  She got me to thinking that maybe she's on to something.... maybe I SHOULD do a catalog.  What do you think?

- I make several different types of jewelry
- It would put images of my products into many ppls hands without having to drag pieces everywhere I went (although I do anyway)
- It would remove the internet barrier, meaning, them going home, pulling out my card and actually looking at my website
- It would offer me a way to leave my tracks in places I go...i.e., offices, churches, restaurants

- Price - NOT cheap
- I do 'one of a kind', which means that once the piece is sold, it's gone - thereby making the piece in the catalog void
- Prices can change
- Because I make each of my pieces, all are copywritten - the risk of copycats increases (although maybe that's a Pro?)
- Do I put my phone number on them?  Maybe the whole world doesn't need to know how to contact me =)

 Here are some examples of different types of jewelry I make:

Hand knotted pearls:

ChainMaille Bracelets:

Hand poured resin (Also do pendant parties where you can make them too!):


Badge Holders:



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